4-Week Transform Your Life Story Bootcamp

Downloads from the webinar:

Life Movie Activity Sheet Download Page: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B99ZUzIlqR0lTW11eXBRLU05enc

Summary Sheet Download Page: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B99ZUzIlqR0lT1FLeVFUeVRiMXM

Are you ready and fully committed to rewriting your life script and transform your life?

This 4-week coaching program will take you from where you’re at and guide you to create a more empowering movie script that will enable you to move towards your idea self. That superhero in you.

It’s a step-by-step process that will help you discover deeper why you do what you do, find the learning in it and take yourself to the next level.

Peak performers in life have learned how to do the same thing and so can you. Realize that what you already discovered in the webinar will help you right now. This 4-week program will help accelerate your progress so that you can start living the life you’ve always wanted and let go of the chain of your past.

In 4 weeks you’ll learn…

WEEK 1: How the Story Gets Written

  • We will review your Life Movie and evaluate how this story was formed, including a brief explanation of the social and cognitive forces at work behind the scenes
  • You’ll identify aspects of your story that you wish to change and your “big why”—the impact that making these changes will have on your life (as well as what will happen if you do NOT change your story)

WEEK 2: Identifying Identity and Beliefs

  • We will explore further the aspects of your identity that are tied up in your story, and how you can uncover your authentic self
  • You will identify, question, and release the beliefs you have developed because of your experiences, opening the door to creating life changes that are honoring of the story you want to live

WEEK 3: Rewriting Your Story

  • You’ll get clear on how your story is or is not reflective of your reality and in what ways you may be keeping it around, even if it’s causing you difficulty or pain
  • You’ll reframe your story by examining the positive outcomes and blessings that have come to be in your life only because of the challenges or curses
  • You’ll determine the story of your future that you WANT to tell
  • You’ll re-do the initial Life Movie activity, this time re-writing the script to reflect your new story

WEEK 4: Living Your New Story

  • You’ll identify what is within your power to change and set goals to begin walking your new path
  • You’ll identify possible road blocks and triggers so that you are prepared to avoid them
  • We’ll conduct a symbolic release ceremony to celebrate and confirm letting go of your old story and embracing your new one

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