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By: U. Armon, M.A., M.D., Ph.D.

Co-Director, Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine

For purposes of registration depression test bc buy generic wellbutrin on-line, a photograph is published on the specific month tropical depression definition purchase wellbutrin line, day klinische depression definition discount wellbutrin, and year that a copy or multiple copies of that work are distributed to the public for the first time depression symptoms yawning cheap wellbutrin master card. For example, a photograph may be published when a photographer sends one or more copies of that work to a client. By contrast, the mere public display of a photograph ­ either by the author, copyright owner, or a third party ­ does not constitute publication in and of itself. Example: Photos Published through the Authorized Distribution of One or More Copies of the Work On May 1st Parker Peters took 600 photos of the President. Later that day he transmitted one copy of each photo to the publisher of the Daily Trumpet, along with a license to distribute or display each image. On November 4th the publisher printed a third photo on the front page of its newspaper. The fact that the publisher distributed or displayed three photos on May 2nd, May 3rd, and November 4th (and saved the rest) is irrelevant to the publication status of the works. A photograph is also published when one or more copies of that work are offered to a group of persons for the first time for purposes of further distribution or public display. For instance, a photo may be published when a photographer offers one copy of that work to agencies, wire services, and websites, along with a license to further distribute or publicly display that image. But as mentioned above, the mere public display of a photograph, in and of itself, does not constitute publication. All 500 photos were published on January 20th when Adam offered them to a group of persons (namely, the wire services) for purposes of further distribution or public display. The fact that the photos were never publicly displayed or distributed to members of the public is irrelevant to the publication status of the works. For example, the Office will not accept an application that combines photographs with text, illustrations, or other types of artwork. Another key requirement is that the group must contain no more than 750 photographs. If an applicant exceeds this limit, the registration specialist may register the first 750 photos identified in the title list and remove the rest of the photos from the record, or alternatively, he or she may simply refuse registration. Copyright Office will not accept these types of claims if they are submitted with the Standard Application or a paper form. In addition, applicants must submit a sequentially numbered list containing the title and file name for each photo, and in the case of published photographs, the month and year of publication for each photo. The Office has developed a template that may be used to create this list, which is discussed in more detail in Section 1114. Copyright Office strongly encourages applicants to combine the digital photos and the title list in a. The size of each uploaded file must not exceed 500 megabytes, although the photos may be digitally compressed to comply with this limitation. A physical storage device must be submitted together with an appropriate shipping slip. To create a shipping slip, the applicant should complete the online application and pay the filing fee. Next, the applicant should select the "Create Shipping Slip" button at the bottom of the Case Summary screen, and then open the link and print the shipping slip. The shipping slip must be included in the package containing the physical storage device. If the applicant fails to include a shipping slip the Office will be unable to connect the deposit with the appropriate application. In such cases, the applicant will be required to pay an additional fee to search for the deposit and connect it with the application. If the deposit cannot be located, the applicant will be required to resubmit the deposit, which will change the effective date of registration for the group registration. The physical storage device and shipping slip may be delivered to the Office by mail, by commercial carrier (such as Federal Express or United Parcel Service), by courier, or by hand delivery to the Public Information Office. Packages that are delivered to the Office by mail, commercial carrier, or courier will be irradiated to destroy possible contaminants, such as anthrax. To avoid this result, applicants are strongly encouraged to send physical storage devices in boxes rather than envelopes. Copyright Office recognizes that there may be cases where a photographer may not have a digital copy of his or her photos or may find it difficult to create a digital copy for purposes of seeking a group registration.


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It shall be the duty of the Judges of Election in said City and in the several Counties of the State definition of depression wikipedia order 300 mg wellbutrin overnight delivery, to receive bipolar depression 39 order 300mg wellbutrin free shipping, accurately count bipolar depression and suicide discount wellbutrin amex, and duly return the number of ballots kindliche depression definition 300 mg wellbutrin with amex, so cast for, or against the adoption of this Constitution, as well as any blank ballots, which may be cast, to the several Clerks of the Circuit Courts of this 1 Repealed by Chapter 99, Acts of 1956, ratified November 6, 1956. Done in Convention, the seventeenth day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven, and of the Independence of the United States the ninety-second. Affirmations (See Oaths of office) Alcoholic Beverages, local option laws not subject to ref16 6 erendum 4 21 Allegany County, Circuit Court Judges-number Amendments to Constitution, convention for altering-vote of 14 2 people as to 17 9 Amendments to Constitution proposed by Legislature, pub14 1 lication, adoption, proclamation, etc 9 2 Annapolis, Adjutant General to be at 4 14 Court of Appeals to meet at 2 21 Governor to reside at 2 16 Legislature may meet elsewhere during emergency. Appellate circuits Courts in which power vested Independence of Judges-appoint officers; report as to Appointments by Governor Assignment Cases in which disqualified Conservators of peace Election; returns and certification Election, term, retirement Not to hold other office Qualifications. Speedy trial by Supreme Bench, trials without Trial by, in civil cases for sums over $5. Vote of people as to convention Contested elections Contingent fund Convened frequently. Corporations, bribery of officer of Foreign, taxation of Laws as to Counties-may be formed by; restriction Number of delegates in Restricted as to internal improvements County Commissioners, powers as to , under Home Rule. Removal from office Retirement of Laws (See Bills, hereunder) Certification of # Financial statement published with Publication of Recorded with Court of Appeals Requirements as to passing Time to take effect Title to describe subjeet Local Laws not to be passed Lotteries not to be authorized. Members, each House to judge qualifications of Expulsion or punishment of Not eligible for certain offices Not liable for words spoken in debate Mileage of members Militia-consent to Governor to command in person. Personal property, taxation Petition, right to Port Development Powers of, as trustees of public Printing and stationery committee Program Budget Public schools, to# provide for Punishment of officers and others Qualifications for members of Quorum Referendum-Text of measures to be furnished to voters Registers of Wills-fees, compensation. B 17 3 7 3 3 3 2 9 2 3 3 3 3 4 3 3 3 2 3 2 7 5 8 3 3 13 3 3 2 3 3 29 6 7 3 6 6 5 3 4 3 9 14 3 3 3 3 3 3 13 13 3 3 3 13 3 3 40 16 3 1 4 32 4 15 30 9 28 2 9 32 Sec. Private Secretary, office abolished Process-form Property Taxes uniform Public Schools, system of; school fund Public Works (See Board of Public Works) Quadrennial Elections; elections-Laws to be changed as necessary Elections-when to be held Purpose and interpretation of article Supervisors of elections-term Terms of four years for officers Quorum, Circuit Courts Court of Appeals Legislature Supreme Bench Receipts and expenditures, statement of, published Recordation. Speech, freedom of Standing armies consent to State Central Committee, nomination for vacancy in Legislature State Comptroller, accounts of officers to be inspected by. Baltimore City-Deputy, etc Collections; surety bond Duties; salaries, fees Election-returns Term, removal Qualifications Vacancy; filled by judge Supplementary Appropriation Bills Support orders, not debts Supreme Bench (See Courts) Surety Bonds (See Bonds-Surety) Surveyor, election, term, duties, vacancy, etc Worcester County-run Wicomico County line Suspension of criminal sentences Taxation, general principles of Personal property; mortgages Taxes, collection-special law not to be passed Taxing Power vested in Legislature^ Terms of office-quadrennial elections When to begin Titles not to be granted Towns (See Municipal Corporations) Treasurer (See State Treasurer) Treasury Department (See State Comptroller; State Treasurer) Trial by jury (See Juries) Trial of facts, right to Trial Magistrates (See Courts^-Justices of the Peace) United. States-Baltimore Redevelopment Commission- loans to Constitution-supreme law of State Donations, etc. Race or color not to disqualify Religious belief not to make incompetent Right to be confronted by Worcester County, Wicomico County to be formed, from. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland, (Three-fifths of all members elected to each of the two Houses concurring), That the following section be and the same is hereby proposed as an amendment to Section 40A of Article 3 of the Constitution of Maryland, title "Legislative Department", sub-title "Eminent Domain", the same, if adopted by the legal and qualified voters of the State as herein provided, to become Section 40A of Article 3 of the Constitution of Maryland. And be it further enacted, That the aforegoingsection hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of this State shall be, at the next general election, to be held in this State in the year 1960, submitted to the legal and qualified voters thereof for their adoption or rejection in pursuance of directions contained in Article 14 of the Constitution of this State, and at the said general election, the vote on the said proposed amendment shall be by ballot, and upon each ballot there shall be printed the words "For the Constitutional Amendment" and "Against the Constitutional Amendment", as now prescribed by law, and immediately after said election, due returns shall be made to the Governor of the vote for and against said proposed amendment, as directed by said Article 14 of the Constitution, and further proceedings had in accordance with said Article 14. The credit of the State shall not in any manner be given, or loaned to , or in aid of any individual association or corporation; nor shall the General Assembly have the power in any mode to involve the State in the construction of works of internal improvement, nor in granting any aid thereto which shall involve the faith or credit of the State; nor make any appropriation therefor, except in aid of the construction of works of internal improvement in the counties of St. And they shall not use or appropriate the proceeds of the internal improvement companies, or of the State tax, now levied, or which may hereafter be levied, to pay off the public debt (or) to any other purpose until the interest and debt are fully paid or the sinking fund shall be equal to the amount of the outstanding debt; [but the General Assembly may, without laying a tax, borrow an amount never to exceed fifty thousand dollars to meet temporary deficiencies in the Treasury, and! The General Assembly may contract debts to any amount that may be necessary for the defense of the State. And provided further that nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the raising of funds for the purpose of aiding or compensating in such manner or way as the General Assembly of the State shall deem proper, those citizens of the State who have served, with honor, their Country and State in time of War; provided, however, that such action of the General Assembly shall be effective only when submitted to and approved by a vote of the people of the State at the General Election next following the enactment of such legislation. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland (three-fifths of all the members elected to each of the two Houses concurring), That the following section be, and the same is hereby proposed as an amendment to Article 4 of the Constitution of Maryland, title "Judiciary Department", by adding new Section 41C thereto, to follow immediately after Section 41B thereof, to be under the new sub-title "Part V-B-Municipal Court", the same, if adopted by the legal and qualified voters of the State, as herein provided, to become a part of the Constitution of Maryland: Part V-B-Municipal Court Section hlC. Said Court shall consist originally of eleven Judges; the number of such Judges may thereafter be increased or decreased by the General Assembly by law, but no such decrease shall affect the term of any Judge then in office or his right to stand for election for further terms as hereinafter provided. The Judges of said Court shall have the qualifications prescribed by Section 2 of this Article, shall each have practiced law in the City of Baltimore for a total period of at least five years and shall devote their full time to the duties of said Court; they shall hold office subject to the provisions of Sections 3 and U of this Article with regard to retirement and removal from office; and they shall receive such compensation from such sources as shall be provided by laiv by the General Assembly, ivhich shall not be diminished during their continuance in office. After the expiration of said original terms, the terms of office of said Court shall be for ten years from the expiration of the preceding term, and shall be filled as follows: (1) Any qualified person, including an incumbent Judge holding office by any such initial or subsequent appointment or election, shall be eligible for election for a term of ten years, at the biennial election for Representatives in Congress immediately preceding the expiration of a term of office. The Chief Judge and the Associate Judges thereof shall have such powers and duties as the General Assembly shall prescribe from time to time by law. The Judges of said Court shall have full power to regulate by rules the administration, procedure and practice of said Court, including, but not limited to , the creation of divisions of said Court to hear exclusively any class or classes of cases and the assignment of a particular judge or judges exclusively to such divisions and the vesting of administrative duties in the Chief Judge; such rules shall have the force of law until rescinded or modified by said Judges or the General Assembly. Unless othenvise provided by law, all powers granted by this section or by law to said Court or the Judges thereof as a body may be exercised by a majority of the Judges thereof. Such employees shall perform such duties as may be prescribed from time to time by said Court or by law by the General Assembly.

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Supplementary registration may also be appropriate to correct the basis of claim for a statutory renewal claimant or vested owner anxiety or panic attack discount 300 mg wellbutrin fast delivery. Again anxiety pathophysiology buy cheapest wellbutrin and wellbutrin, the Office may require documents to prove that the basis is accurately stated and appears to be valid depression kitten wellbutrin 300 mg amex. In these exceptional cases depression genetic purchase wellbutrin visa, the Office may require that the supporting documentation be recorded. In such cases, a reference to the recorded document will be added to the certificate of supplementary registration and to the supplementary registration record. Supplementary registration is not appropriate to identify additional statutory renewal claimants or vested owners in a renewal registration record, except in exceptional cases when the renewal registration record fails to identify a party who was entitled to claim the renewal copyright. N O T E: On a case-by-case basis, supplementary registration may also be appropriate to correct current owner information or other information, such as the means by which, or the party from whom, that owner obtained the renewal copyright. It may also be used to amplify the renewal registration record by providing current contact information for this party. Copyright Office may also accept a supplementary registration certified by a successor or assignee of a statutory renewal claimant, a vested owner, or current owner. Exception: When an original term registration record contains an error or omission of fact pertaining to a previous registration that affects the term of copyright, the U. Copyright Office may accept a supplementary registration to add this information to a renewal registration record. When, as a result of the correction or amplification, a renewal registration record would be invalidated or provide information that is adverse to the facts established in the renewal registration record. In such cases the Office may cancel the renewal registration record (Section 2140), and/or advise that a separate renewal claim be filed (Section 2137) or a document be recorded (Section 2139). In lieu of supplementary registration, an assignment or other document of transfer may be recorded in the instances listed in the fourth and fifth bullet points above. The recorded document will not be cross-referenced with the renewal registration record. N O T E: 2139 Recordation With regard to renewal registration, documents may be recorded to support or provide proof of facts for a renewal claim or a supplementary registration, or to document life events, or to provide a public record of copyright assignments or other legal documents pertaining to the renewal copyright. Generally, a recorded document is not crossreferenced with a renewal registration record. However, a reference to a recorded document will be added to a certificate of renewal registration and to the renewal registration record when it provides support for the facts, or when the original registration record referred to the recorded document. When supplementary registration is not possible or appropriate (such as, when the author facts stated in an original registration record are disputed, or the renewal copyright is transferred after the effective date of renewal registration), recordation may be the most appropriate means of providing information in the public record regarding a work or its renewal copyright. S Copyright Office may require that a document be recorded in the following circumstances: A renewal claim is based on an author who is not identified in the original registration record or, if the work was not registered for the original term, in the deposit copy. A supplementary registration seeks to correct a statutory renewal claimant or a vested owner, and/or an assignee or successor identified in a renewal registration record. A supplementary registration seeks to correct the statutory basis for a claim to the renewal copyright. A renewal claim or a supplementary registration related to a renewal registration record is based on a court order. When, at the discretion of the Office, a public record is needed to support a renewal registration record or a supplementary registration related to a renewal registration record. Copyright Office will not cancel a renewal registration record unless it qualifies for cancellation under 37 C. Generally, a request to cancel a renewal registration record should come from the party who filed the renewal claim, or a successor or assignee of that party. The fact that this party did not represent one or more of the statutory renewal claimants or vested owners at the time of renewal registration may not be sufficient cause to cancel a record. Instead, the Office may require that the party correct or amplify the record by supplementary registration. For additional information concerning cancellation, see Chapter 1800, Section 1806. Copyright Office will not refer a renewal registration record for correction or cancellation unless the record contains an error the Office should have recognized at the time of registration, or the Office made an error, or in some way failed to properly process the renewal claim. In certain cases the effective date of the renewal registration record may be affected and, if an applicant fails to respond to Office correspondence or remedy the deficiency, the renewal registration record may be cancelled. Once a renewal registration record has been entered, the Office will not refer the record or take administrative action to correct this error. For a copyright to be restored under this provision, the work had to have met certain criteria at the time of creation and first publication.

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