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By: G. Bradley, M.B. B.A.O., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Program Director, University of the Virgin Islands

Arjuna is purported to have inotropic and hypotensive effects medicine 20th century buy generic topiramate 200mg on-line, as well as lipid-lowering effects symptoms 7dpo topiramate 200mg lowest price. See Arjuna + Thyroid and Antithyroid drugs below for the possibility that some of the cardiovascular effects of arjuna might occur via an antithyroid action symptoms after conception purchase topiramate master card. Importance and management Arjuna has been used in small numbers of patients taking a variety of conventional cardiovascular drugs medicine remix cheap 200 mg topiramate fast delivery, apparently without particular problems, and with possible additional benefit. Efficacy of Terminalia arjuna in chronic stable angina: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study comparing Terminalia arjuna with isosorbide mononitrate. Salutary effect of Terminalia Arjuna in patients with severe refractory heart failure. Antioxidant and hypocholesterolaemic effects of Terminalia arjuna tree-bark powder: a randomised placebo-controlled trial. Arjuna + Thyroid and Antithyroid drugs the interaction between arjuna and thyroid or antithyroid drugs is based on experimental evidence only. Experimental evidence In a study in animals, arjuna bark extract appeared to inhibit thyroid function. Giving levothyroxine increased the level of thyroid hormones, increased the heart to body weight ratio, as well as increasing cardiac and hepatic lipid peroxidation. When the plant extract was given simultaneously, the level of thyroid hormones, and also the cardiac lipid peroxidation, were decreased. These effects were comparable to those of a standard antithyroid drug, propylthiouracil. When arjuna bark extract was given to euthyroid animals, thyroid hormone levels were decreased, whereas the hepatic lipid peroxidation increased, indicating drug-induced liver toxicity. Importance and management Although the evidence is experimental, until more is known, it might be prudent to avoid the use of arjuna in patients requiring levothyroxine (or any thyroid hormone), because of the possibility of reduced efficacy. If patients want to try arjuna, their thyroid function should be monitored more frequently. An additive effect with antithyroid drugs such as propylthiouracil might also occur, and therefore similar caution would seem advisable. Since, in euthyroid animals, thyroid hormones were decreased and hepatic lipid peroxidation was increased, the authors suggest that high amounts of this plant extract should not be consumed, as hepatotoxicity as well as hypothyroidism may occur. Cardio-protective role of Terminalia arjuna bark extract is possibly mediated through alterations in thyroid hormones. Its use now focuses more on hypercholesterolaemia, hyperlipidaemia and irritable bowel syndrome, and some cardiovascular disorders such as atherosclerosis. Artichoke flowers are also used as food and artichoke extracts are used as flavouring agents. For information on the pharmacokinetics of individual flavonoids present in artichoke, see under flavonoids, page 186. Constituents Artichoke leaf is usually standardised to the caffeoylquinic acid derivative, chlorogenic acid. Other major constituents are flavonoid glycosides based on luteolin, including cynaroside and scolymoside, and sesquiterpene lactones including cynaropicrin. For information on the interactions of individual flavonoids present in artichoke, see under flavonoids, page 186. Use and indications the leaf extract has been traditionally used for liver and 38 Asafoetida Ferula asafoetida L. Asafoetida is obtained from various Ferula species, the main sources being Ferula asafoetida L. Use and indications Asafoetida is used for its carminative, antispasmodic and expectorant properties in chronic bronchitis, pertussis, and specifically for intestinal flatulent colic. Studies in rats fed with asafoetida suggest that, it did not stimulate levels of cytochrome P450, and glucuronyl transferase activity remained unaffected. The sesquiterpene dienones, fetidones A and B, samarcandin and galbanic acid are also present.

It is a non-invasive procedure and should be implemented first prior to catheterization treatment jiggers 100 mg topiramate amex, which is an invasive procedure medicine quizlet purchase generic topiramate from india. Intermittent catheterization is an invasive procedure symptoms zinc deficiency adults cheap topiramate 200mg otc, which may lead to possible infection when done every 3 to 4 hours treatment 3rd degree heart block order topiramate 100mg. The nurse could place the client on the bedside commode, but this is used for clients with an uninhibited bladder pattern. The client with pyelonephritis typically presents with costovertebral tenderness over the affected side; therefore, this is expected and the nurse would not assess this client first. More than likely, this client has a urinary tract infection, which requires a midstream urinalysis. The client with urethritis would present with these symptoms; therefore, the clinic nurse would not need to see this client first. Hesitancy, terminal dribbling, and intermittency are signs/symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy, which requires surgery; therefore, this client should not be seen prior to a client with a possible urinary tract infection. Remember, most forms should be completed by the individual whom the form is about, not completed by someone who is not aware of the situation. Remember to delegate/assign the task to the least educated person who can safely do the task. If the student had wanted to talk to the school nurse, the student would have done so. The charge nurse must address this situation because it has been going on for more than a week. The charge nurse could then problem-solve, with the goal being to have a more relaxed atmosphere in which to work. The client is verbalizing the classic signs/symptoms of a urinary tract infection, but it must be confirmed with a urinalysis. Obtaining a urine sample is not an invasive procedure and does not require informed consent. The urine specimen must adhere to a chain of custody, so the client cannot dispute the results. The bathroom for drug testing should not have access to any water via a sink, so that the client cannot dilute the urine specimen. The nurse may need to know how long the client will be in the shelter, but this is not priority during the initial assessment of the client. During a disaster, the priority is to determine whether the client has routine medications that can be taken while in the shelter. If clients have life-sustaining medications, then obtaining the medications becomes priority. The client should be assessed, but unless the client has a specific complaint in this situation, assessment of vital signs, height, and weight is not priority. The nurse must be knowledgeable of management issues, and know what must comply with local, state, and federal requirements. Any client seen in the clinic should have the vital signs taken, but given the signs/symptoms of the client, the nurse should first obtain a urinalysis. An incompetent client is an individual who is not autonomous and cannot give or withhold consent-for example, individuals who are cognitively impaired, mentally ill, neurologically incapacitated, or under the influence of mind-altering drugs. This procedure is performed in the radiology department, not in a day surgery department. Some herbal supplements can interact with prescribed medications and become dangerous, but saw palmetto is not one of them. This is a true statement, but the nurse should address the client taking the saw palmetto, not make a general statement.

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Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)). Topiramate.

  • Are there any interactions with medications?
  • Treatment and prevention of pyridoxine deficiency.
  • Treating a type of anemia called sideroblastic anemia.
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
  • Treating some types of seizures in infants.
  • Improving thinking and memory in people aged 65 and older, when used in combination with folic acid and vitamin B12.
  • Preventing another stroke.
  • Reducing lung cancer risk in men who smoke.

Source: http://www.rxlist.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=96897

Aloe-emodin treatment resistant schizophrenia generic topiramate 100mg on-line, chrysophanol medicine 4h2 pill buy on line topiramate, chromones including aloesin symptoms jaw bone cancer order topiramate 100mg amex, aloeresin E medications 1 100 mg topiramate fast delivery, isoaloeresin D and furoaloesone are also present in small amounts, as are resins. Interactions overview Although aloes have been predicted to interact with a number of drugs that lower potassium levels (such as the corticosteroids and potassium-depleting diuretics), or drugs where the effects become potentially harmful when potassium is lowered (such as digoxin), there appears to be little or no direct evidence that this occurs in practice. Biotransformation of the anthraquinones emodin and chrysophanol by cytochrome P450 enzymes. However, note that, if anthraquinone laxatives are used as recommended (at a dose producing a comfortable soft-formed motion), then this interaction would not be expected to be clinically relevant. Consider also Senna + Digitalis glycosides, page 350, for the effects of anthraquinones on digoxin absorption. A Aloes + Corticosteroids Theoretically, the risk of hypokalaemia might be increased in patients taking corticosteroids, who also regularly use, or abuse, anthraquinone-containing substances such as aloes. Clinical evidence Chronic diarrhoea as a result of long-term use, or abuse, of stimulant laxatives such as aloes can cause excessive water and potassium loss; this has led to metabolic acidosis in one case. The effect of the over-use of aloes combined with systemic corticosteroids is not known, but, theoretically at least, the risk of hypokalaemia might be increased. Although this is mentioned in some reviews2 there do not appear to be any reports describing clinical cases of this effect. Mechanism In theory the additive loss of potassium, caused by anthraquinonecontaining substances and systemic corticosteroids, may result in hypokalaemia. Importance and management the interaction between aloes and corticosteroids is theoretical, but be aware of the potential in patients who regularly use, or abuse, anthraquinone-containing substances such as aloes. Aloes + Diuretics; Potassium-depleting Theoretically, patients taking potassium-depleting diuretics could experience excessive potassium loss if they also regularly use, or abuse, anthraquinone-containing substances such as aloes. Chronic diarrhoea caused by long-term use, or abuse, of stimulant laxatives such as aloes, may also lead to excessive water loss and potassium deficiency. This interaction is sometimes mentioned in reviews;1,2 nevertheless, there is little, if any, direct evidence. There appears to be one case describing a myopathic syndrome related to potassium deficiency (potassium level 1. However, even this case may not have occurred as a result of an interaction as the patient also had gastroenteritis, causing profuse diarrhoea. Aloes + Digitalis glycosides Theoretically, digitalis toxicity could develop if patients regularly use, or abuse, anthraquinone-containing substances such as aloes. Clinical evidence Chronic diarrhoea caused by the long-term use, or abuse, of stimulant laxatives such as aloes can cause excessive water and potassium loss, which may cause hypokalaemia that could lead to the development of digitalis toxicity. Although this is often mentioned in reviews1,2 there do not appear to be any reports describing clinical cases of this effect. However, for mention of a case of digoxin toxicity and mild hypokalaemia in a patient stabilised on digoxin and furosemide, who started to take a laxative containing rhubarb and liquorice, see Liquorice + Digitalis glycosides, page 274. The risk of development of digitalis toxicity, including cardiac arrhythmias, is increased by hypokalaemia, which can be induced by the excessive use of anthraquinone laxatives. Importance and management this is a theoretical interaction, but it may be prudent to exercise Mechanism Possible pharmacodynamic interaction involving additive loss of potassium and water by anthraquinone-containing substances and potassium-depleting diuretics. Importance and management this is a theoretical interaction, but be aware of the potential for hypokalaemia in patients who are taking potassium-depleting diuretics and who regularly use, or abuse, anthraquinone-containing substances such as aloes. However, note that, if anthraquinone laxatives are used as recommended (at a dose producing a comfortable soft-formed motion), then this interaction is not clinically relevant. See also Senna + Diuretics; Potassium-depleting, page 350, for the effects of anthraquinones on furosemide absorption. An evaluation of the biological and toxicological properties of Aloe barbadensis (Miller), Aloe Vera. Aloes 29 Aloes + Herbal medicines; Liquorice Consider Liquorice + Laxatives, page 275, for the potential additive effects of anthraquinone-containing laxatives and liquorice. Aloes + Quinidine Consider Senna + Quinidine, page 351 for a potential interaction between anthraquinone-containing laxatives and quinidine. A A Andrographis Andrographis paniculata Nees (Acanthaceae) Synonym(s) and related species Bhunimba, Green chiretta, Kalmegh. Constituents the whole plant contains diterpene lactone glycosides, collectively termed andrographolides, which are based on the aglycone andrographolide and its derivatives, such as neoandrographolide, deoxyandrographolide, andrographiside, andropaniside and others.

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For information on the pharmacokinetics of individual flavonoids present in tea world medicine 100 mg topiramate fast delivery, see flavonoids treatment 2 degree burns purchase line topiramate, page 186 symptoms 6 months pregnant generic topiramate 100 mg overnight delivery. Constituents Tea contains caffeine (around 1 to 5%) symptoms 6 days after iui topiramate 200mg without a prescription, with minor amounts of other xanthines such as theophylline and theobromine. Tea also contains flavonoids, the content of which varies between green (unfermented) and black (fermented) tea. Green tea appears to contain greater quantities of the flavonol-type flavonoids than black tea. Black tea also contains theaflavins, which are produced during the fermentation process. Interactions overview Tea can contain significant amounts of caffeine, therefore the interactions of caffeine, page 97, are relevant to tea, unless the product is stated as decaffeinated. Black tea appears to reduce the absorption of iron, whereas green tea appears to have much smaller, if any, effects. Both black and green tea may cause a modest increase in blood pressure, which may be detrimental to the treatment of hypertension. Tea, particularly green tea catechins, may have some antiplatelet effects, which may be additive to those of conventional antiplatelet drugs. Green tea extracts do not appear to affect the pharmacokinetics of alprazolam, caffeine, ciclosporin, dextromethorphan, irinotecan and losartan, and have only modest effects on the pharmacokinetics of buspirone, but some of these data need confirming in patients. Black tea does not appear to have a clinically relevant effect on the pharmacokinetics of flurbiprofen. Milk does not appear to affect the absorption of flavonoids or catechins from tea, suggesting that the addition of milk does not impair the antioxidant effects of tea. For information on the interactions of individual flavonoids present in tea, see under flavonoids, page 186. T Use and indications the leaf buds and very young leaves of tea are used as a stimulant and diuretic, actions that can be attributed to the caffeine content. They are also used as an astringent for gastrointestinal disorders, which may be attributed to the polyphenols and tannins. Green tea extracts, which are rich in polyphenolics, are available as supplements. There is also a prescription-only ointment containing green tea extract (sinecatechins), which is used for the treatment of genital warts. Clinical evidence In a pharmacokinetic study, 10 healthy subjects were given a single 2-mg dose of alprazolam before and after Decaffeinated Super Green Tea Extract 2 capsules twice daily for 14 days. Importance and management the available data suggest that no clinically relevant pharmacokinetic interaction would be expected between green tea and alprazolam. For the possible pharmacodynamic interaction between caffeine (a constituent of tea) and benzodiazepines, see Caffeine + Benzodiazepines and related drugs, page 100. Tea can contain significant amounts of caffeine, and this interaction should be applied to tea, unless the product is stated to be decaffeinated. Green tea (Camellia sinensis) extract does not alter cytochrome p450 3A4 or 2D6 activity in healthy volunteers. However, the increases seen in ambulatory blood pressure after 7 days of regular consumption of green or black tea were small and not different to that of caffeine. In one study, which compared the addition of green tea extract or placebo with a lowenergy diet, the green tea extract had no additional benefit on blood pressure over that achieved by modest weight loss. Mechanism Acute intake of caffeine raises blood pressure, but some tolerance to this effect might possibly develop with regular consumption. Polyphenolics in tea might improve endothelial function, and might therefore lower blood pressure. Importance and management the evidence presented here is conflicting, and it is not possible to be conclusive about the long-term effect of tea intake (green or black) on blood pressure. On acute intake, both green and black (fermented) teas and some herbal supplements (particularly if they contain caffeine) might increase blood pressure, although, from the limited information above, these increases appear to be small and not necessarily sustained during long-term intake.


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