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By: K. Basir, M.B.A., M.D.

Co-Director, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine

There were long silences as his gentle arteria pancreatica magna proven coreg 6.25 mg, cheerful probings and expressions of non-specific good will were left dangling in the air arrhythmia forum coreg 25 mg with amex. After a while of this-me wanting only to know how much he was charging for Norwegian salmon today zolpidem arrhythmia order 12.5 mg coreg fast delivery, and resisting his unspoken entreaties suddenly to muse aloud about how pulse pressure fluid responsiveness coreg 12.5 mg low cost, maybe, it would be nice if I could afford a hot tub for my apartment-he gave up in frustration and left. Opening it, I found a stack of 100-dollar bills and a list of nearby hotels and restaurants with some names checked off. A red-faced functionary picked the envelope up within minutes, and I never heard from that company again. All sorts of scumbags will offer you every variety of free stuff if you entertain the prospect of doing business with them, slipping them food, or looking the other way. There are a lot of scumbags in the restaurant business, people who will let the Gambino Family decide who gets the fish order or the liquor order in return for Knicks tickets or a lap dance, and these are people who you will have to deal with, sometimes adversarially. Except in cases of dismemberment, arterial bleeding, sucking chest wounds or the death of an immediate family member. If you keep asking yourself questions like these, you will find yourself slipping into martyr mode, unemployment, alcoholism, drug addiction and death. Read cookbooks, trade magazines-I recommend Food Arts, Saveur, Restaurant Business magazines. They are useful for staying abreast of industry trends, and for pinching recipes and concepts. Read the old masters: Escoffier, Bocuse et al as well as the Young Turks: Keller, Marco-Pierre White, and more recent generations of innovators and craftsmen. My feet hurt too, sticking out from under the covers, radiating pain up to the knees. Just getting my Zippo to light takes three tries with unresponsive fingers, a few muttered curses. But the scars are there, and as I lie in bed, I take stock of my extremities, idly examining the burns, old and new, checking the condition of my calluses, noting with some unhappiness the effects of age and hot metal. You can feel it when you shake my hand, just as I feel it on others of my profession. My pinky finger on the same hand is permanently deformed, twisted and bent at the tip-a result of poor whisk handling. There are some recent scrapes and tiny punctures, a few little dings here and there on the backs of my hands-the result of rummaging at high speed through crowded reach-in boxes, hauling milk crates filled with meat upstairs, busting open boxes and counting cans on Saturday inventory-and a few shiny spots where I must have spattered myself with hot oil or simply grabbed a pot handle or pair of kitchen tongs that was too hot. Jesus, I remember that one: the face on the emergency room intern as he crunched the curved sewing needle right through the nail, trying vainly to re-attach a flap of skin that was clearly destined to become necrotic and fall off. I remember looking up at him as I twisted and writhed on the table, hoping to see the cool, calm, somehow reassuring expression of a Marcus Welby looking back at me. Instead, I saw the face of an overextended fry cook-a kid, really-and he looked pained, even grossed-out as he pulled through another loop of filament. Almost passed out from that one-that terrible few seconds before the blood came, me looking at my injured paw and it not looking like my hand at all, just some terribly violated slab of very pale meat. There are some centimeter-long ridges in the webbing of my left hand, between thumb and forefinger, from the Dreadnaught, when I would regularly lose control of the oyster knife, the dull blade hopping out of or breaking through the shell to bury itself in my hand. The knuckle wounds are so numerous, and have been opened and reopened so frequently, that I can no longer recall, in the layer upon layer of white scar tissue, where or when I got any of them. My fingerprints are stained with beet juice (hot borscht as soupe du jour yesterday), and if I hold my fingers to my nose, I can still smell smoked salmon, chopped shallots and a hint of Morbier rind. I love heating duck confit, saucisson de canard, confit gizzards, saucisson de Toulouse, poitrine and duck fat with those wonderful tarbais beans, spooning it into an earthenware crock and sprinkling it with breadcrumbs. I love making those little mountains of chive-mashed potatoes, wild mushrooms, ris de veau, a nice, tall micro-green salad as garnish, drizzling a perfectly reduced sauce around the plate with my favorite spoon. I enjoy the look on the face of my boss when I do a pot-au-feu special-the look of sheer delight as he takes the massive bowl of braised hooves, shoulders and tails in, the simple boiled turnips, potatoes and carrots looking just right, just the way it should be. Whether I missed a few other things, or described them inadaquately, like the adventures of the Amazing Steven Tempel, or my Day in the Life, are less important. Our movements through time and space seem somehow trivial compared to a heap of boiled meat in broth, the smell of saffron, garlic, fishbones and Pernod. I can understand why millions of Japanese are driven to near bloodlust by the firm, almost iridescent flesh.

The younger brother of Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban heart attack wiki cheapest coreg, Brian has been in long-term recovery from alcohol blood pressure chart too low purchase 6.25mg coreg with amex, cocaine arteria dorsalis scapulae buy coreg now, and bulimia since 2007 heart attack xiami buy genuine coreg on line. He is the author of the Addicted Lawyer, Tales of the Bar, Booze, Blow, & Redemption. Castro is an attorney, psychotherapist, and author who speaks to lawyers, judges, and law students on stress-management techniques, success strategies for high-achievers under pressure, mindfulness, substance abuse, mental health, and wellbeing. Sharon is the author of Super Productive: 120 Strategies to Do More and Stress Less. His focus includes program evaluation, health promotion and disease prevention, positive psychology, and organizational development. Her clients are successful people who, despite their many achievements, tend to feel perpetually dissatisfied. They often are looking for "something more," whether that be in their personal relationships, careers, or health. Tal works together with her clients to devise effective strategies for healthier, happier, more balanced living. As a writer, speaker, and consultant, Stacey also works with bar associations, law firms, and law schools to promote wellbeing in the legal profession. Sean works with lawyers on enhancing their effectiveness and increasing their sense of meaning and joy. His book, Mud and Dreams, is a series of essays about overcoming hardships and falling deeper in love with life. She has developed a series of short videos focused on resilience skills and positive psychology specifically for lawyers. Her focus is on how professionals can incorporate positive behaviors in a high-stress profession to improve well-being and positively affect overall health. He uses performance techniques and kinesthetic learning tools to help clients transform their breathing, anxiety reflex, and stress response to handle high-consequence communication situations with grace and ease. Megan works with her coaching clients on stress reduction, worklife balance, career transition, and holistic health. She often interweaves meditation, breath-work, and other tools from her extensive yoga training into her coaching sessions and speaking engagements. His focus is on creating psychologically safe spaces that facilitate difficult conversations and generate open and honest dialogue about events that divide people. His aim is to help management design compassionate and fair responses that improve trust and engagement. She also is a member of the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being and the Director of the Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program. Terry combines her experience as therapist and a lawyer when speaking on topics such as lawyer well-being, resilience, and happiness. He speaks and writes on topics related to law and happiness, subjective well-being, mindfulness, neuroscience, and psychology. Louisa is the founder of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association and a professor at the University of Texas, Dallas. Patrick works with legal employers to help them understand and navigate addiction, mental health, and well-being issues. She strives to apply her psychology education and her experience as a law firm associate to recommend how to mitigate the psychological risks inherent in the profession and to help others thrive as attorneys. Larry krIeger, jd Larry Krieger is a professor at Florida State University law school and researcher on topics related to law student and lawyer well-being. He has led multiple studies on lawyer/law student functioning and wellbeing, including a 2016 study of over 6,000 lawyers on happiness in the legal profession. He speaks on topics related to mental health, work/life balance, and substance abuse in the legal profession. Tracy speaks on the relationship between well-being and professionalism and competence. She educates lawyers and law students about overcoming challenges created by lawyer culture that can harm their well-being and performance.

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No licensed non-toxic pharmaceutical agents or diagnostic capabilities are suitable for use in military operational environments arteria e veia generic coreg 6.25 mg mastercard. A physician may use other pharmacologic agents off label on a case-by-case basis hypertension organizations discount 6.25mg coreg with mastercard. Antibiotics are commonly used to treat the infectious sequelae of radiological injuries pulse pressure points diagram order coreg american express, but they must be selected appropriately to effectively treat exogenous and endogenous systemic infections while not affecting beneficial intestinal normal microfluora heart attack 18 year old male buy discount coreg 6.25mg on line. The program seeks to expand the medical options available to prevent or mitigate radiation-induced injury with an emphasis on work at the advanced research level (6. Although the use of novel approaches is encouraged, more mature, promising product candidates at late stages of development clearly demonstrating the feasibility of a given approach will be more favorably considered. In addition, an advanced technology development effort for genomic biomarkers will be supported. These genetic biomarkers will improve the biodosimetry assessment of whether an individual has received a significant whole body irradiation exposure, what dose range was received, and the time following the exposure during mass casualty triage scenario. Candidate countermeasures have been identified for possible transition to advanced development. This Annex is organized into six sections that correspond to the organization of budget documents in the adjacent table. Non-Medical Research Description and Budget Documents (Project Numbers are shown in body of chart) Budget Activity (Program Element) 1. For fixed sites where contamination cannot be avoided or for missions requiring operations in a contaminated environment, reconnaissance, detection, and identification are necessary for forces to assume the appropriate protective posture. This is necessary to sustain operations and rapidly identify affected areas, equipment, and personnel to initiate decontamination and medical intervention, if possible or necessary. This capability area is also developing sensors for the individual Service member and systems capable of detecting multiple agents and characterizing new agents to provide situational awareness for battle space management decisions. The DoD community will continue to emphasize these capabilities, which encompass reconnaissance, detection, identification, and reporting, in the near- and far-term. These studies facilitate detection, protection, and decontamination countermeasures; improve warfighter decision support tools; and provide a sound scientific basis for doctrine and policy development. These capabilities rapidly provide the warfighter and decision-makers with the ability to quickly analyze courses of action prior to or during operations. It is a small, pocket-sized, detector C3 Annex C: Joint Non-Medical Chemical and Biological Defense Research, Development, and Acquisition Programs capable of automatically detecting (nerve, blister, and blood), identifying, and quantifying chemical agents in aircraft, vehicles, and fixed sites. The system consists of an automated trigger, detector, identifier, and sampler, and is networked to a centralized command post. The suite semi-automatically detects and samples, and simultaneously identifies eight biological agents in the environment in less than 30 minutes. It continuously monitors, automatically detects and samples, and simultaneously identifies 10 biological agents in the environment in less than 20 minutes. It is equipped with on-board global positioning and meteorological systems, and can be operated locally or remotely for up to 12 hours. The acquisition strategy and modular design facilitates incremental system improvements with the advanced biological detection, collection, identification, and information technology. The system will be small enough to support unmanned, manned, and man-portable applications. The size and mission of the warfighting unit will determine the quantity and composition of systems needed within a network. Its network will support both hardwire and wireless interfaces for maximum flexibility. It will warn automatically or with manual intervention and its sample isolation feature will collect a sample for presumptive identification and for confirmatory analysis. The M93A1 is also equipped with an advanced position navigation system that enables the system to accurately locate and report agent contamination. In addition, M93A1P1 provides enhanced survivability capability to the base system.

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Several reported an increasing number of Native women and girls coming in for domestic violence and sexual assault services blood pressure chart print order coreg cheap, later acknowledging that their assailant had trafficked them for prostitution arrhythmia jet coreg 12.5mg sale. Police reports from Duluth showed that Native girls were being lured off reservations arteria coronaria sinistra discount coreg 6.25mg free shipping, taken onto ships in port blood pressure chart medication order coreg 25mg visa, beaten, and gang-raped. Tribal advocates in South Dakota and Minnesota had also begun raising red flags, reporting that Native girls were being trafficked into prostitution, pornography, and strip shows over state lines and internationally to Mexico. In Canada, research studies were consistently finding that Canadas indigenous women and girls are hugely over-represented in the sex trade. One report described Canadian Aboriginal and American Indian youth as being at greater risk than any other youth for sexual exploitation and trafficking. Vick Human Trafficking Task Force pursuant to its mandate from the Commissioner of Public Safety. The needs assessment evaluated government response to sex trafficking in Minnesota, identified facilities and services currently available to sex trafficking victims, assessed the effectiveness of those services, and made recommendations for improvement. Kellogg Foundation to request support to develop a report which would aggregate what is known to date about the commercial sexual exploitation of American Indian women and girls in Minnesota, and to develop a set of recommendations for addressing gaps in knowledge and addressing the needs of victims. Kellogg Foundation agreed to support the project, which began in November 2008 and resulted in this report. For any story, there is always a setting, a context within which the story unfolds. Section V is a summary of the risk factors that have been found to facilitate Native womens and girls entry into commercial sexual exploitation, and of current data describing the representation of Native women and girls in those facilitating factors in Minnesota. The context Understanding the context of the Native womens experience in the history of this nation is critical for understanding Native womens and girls unique vulnerability to commercial sexual exploitation. Four fundamental beliefs have been found to be essential for a coherent and resilient sense of self, which protects a person against sexual exploitation and/or helps a victim of such exploitation to heal: the world is a good and rewarding place the world is predictable, meaningful, and fair I am a worthy person People are trustworthy. These repeated traumatic events further delayed the grieving process, transferring both the trauma and the grief to the next generation in what has been termed generational trauma or historical trauma. The long-term impacts of government actions have been well-documented: widespread poverty, low educational attainment, high rates of community and interpersonal violence, high rates of alcohol-related deaths and suicide, poor physical health, and corroded family and community relationships. When a dominant society refuses to recognize a peoples grief and losses as legitimate, the result is sadness, anger, and shame, feeling helpless and powerless, struggles with feelings of inferiority, and difficulty with self-identity. This negatively impacts interpersonal relationships and a persons sense of themselves as sacred, and themselves as 6 Roth S and Newman E, (1995). American Indian holocaust: Healing historical unresolved grief, American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research 8(2): 60-82. In addition to these significant influences on American Indian womens well-being, ongoing experiences with racism lead to what has been termed "colonial trauma response," which results when a Native woman experiences a current event that connects her to a collective, historical sense of injustice and trauma. While the historical experiences of all Native people have intensified Native womens vulnerability to sex trafficking and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation, generational trauma has reduced Native communities ability to respond positively to victims of sexual crimes. If unable to escape the sex trade prior to the age of 18, trafficked Native girls find themselves categorized as criminals rather than victims once they are considered adults, which only adds to the trauma they have already experienced in prostitution. They literally have nowhere to turn, as there are very few culturally-based services to help them heal from their experiences in safety. There are also very few culturally-based "upstream" interventions in place that explicitly focus on preventing the trafficking of American Indian girls into the sex trade. In the mid-1500s, the secretary of Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto wrote in his journal that De Soto and his 9 Kaufman G, (1989). The psychology of shame: Theory and treatment of shame-based syndromes Evans-Campbell T, (2008). Historical trauma in American Indian/Native Alaska communities: A multilevel framework for exploring impacts on individuals, families, and communities, Journal of Interpersonal Violence 23: 316-338. Women held and managed the communitys resources, including fields and the produce from them. Native women often played an active and high-status role in trade, using sexual liaisons to smooth trade relations while also acting as mediators providing outsiders with language skills and lessons in local customs. Fischer quoted the writings of John Lawson, a surveyor for the Carolina Colony who published his impressions of the Native people he had seen.

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